The Odyssey continues....

I'm not breaKing, Just gotta keep goIng

i'm back

i tried to come out with new layout but an error occured.... so just a litle bit changing here. By the way, i'll start blogging (part 3) when i'm fully connected and then expecting new fresh layout eaarly 2010.


yes...en smez idup kmbali...;p


kebetulan...sini ad coverage 3G utk online 24 jam sehari...


ooooo..... lma tak bca krsah mz.... jauh d mata, dekat d hati.... hehe


hope u will be back..haha :D


amar: ni ayat iklan mana ni? kisah aku ni kisah benar. hehe.

chipsmore: did you read my blog b4?


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